Plane Dating Flowchart

Plane Dating Flowchart

For many years, one of

often, similar to frogs, depth adjustment screws and lateral adjustment levers. This strategy doesn’t guarantee that you’ll date your plane correctly, as

The stanley bench airplane web page – hyperkittencom

is the final authority.

features are additionally utilized in relationship. Some aircraft elements had been regularly replaced by

Stanley «made in england» planes – dating

their owners, or are easily separated from the airplane, similar to irons, cap irons,

is to use the flowchart so far your plane, and then go to the

adjustment screw). Included here are all the web sites to help date, or in any other case often recognized as typing or type research for vintage hand planes. I’ve assembled a few resource pages associated to Stanley bench planes.

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Unfortunately, many airplane types share the same bed markings, so other

discrepancies, Patrick’s Plane Type Study

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to hypertext. Ok, the raised ring bit threw me due to the coloring on the picture. Old and struggle year planes usually are missing some dates and patents and so forth.

The adjustment knob is just a hair over one inch in diameter. No patent numbers anyplace on the aircraft. The tote is definitely a substitute, it does not fairly sit straight, probably a shop-made replacement. I simply picked up a pair planes from a storage sale. Note that the practical groups usually are not necessarily mutually unique.

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