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Woman Bracknell. Never chat disrespectfully of Area, Algernon. [ToCecily.] Beloved child, definitely you understand you to definitely Algernon has nothing however, their costs to rely on. However, I don't agree regarding mercenary marriages. As i married Lord Bracknell I got no fortune of any kind. However, I never ever thought for a moment out-of enabling you to so you're able to stand in my personal way. Well, Perhaps I need to give my agree.

He next lived so you're able to teas, and devoured every muffin

Lady Bracknell. To speak seriously, I am not towards enough time engagements. They provide people the opportunity of studying for every other's profile ahead of wedding, which i envision is not advisable.

We plead your pardon to have disrupting you, Lady Bracknell, however, which engagement is fairly impossible. I'm Miss Cardew's protector, and you may she usually do not marry in place of my personal consent until she appear away from age. One concur I truly won't render.

Lady Bracknell. Up on exactly what foundation can i ask? Algernon is actually an extremely, I may almost say an ostentatiously, eligible young man.