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In the Shenzhen, the issue from hukou conversion process does not differ notably round the academic levels

Since Shanghai's entry criteria emphasize on experiences and you can superior education, neighborhood hukou barriers tend to be lower to possess very-educated migrants than for reduced-experienced migrants within the Shanghai. Put another way, the difference from inside the local hukou traps between them urban centers was a great deal more salient for low-college-educated migrants than for school-educated migrants. For this reason, in the event that Theory dos keeps, we assume one,

Theory 3: The difference throughout the probability of hukou-knowledge change anywhere between Shanghai and you may Shenzhen try large to have non-college-educated migrants compared to college or university- knowledgeable migrants.

Research and techniques

To-be obvious, we do not claim that with the exception of the regional hukou barriers, these two places are otherwise similar to own an organic try. Shanghai and you will Shenzhen has various other histories and desire migrants from some other regions, that may suggest differential language and you can social length anywhere between residents and you may migrants.