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Sensitiveness Data: Hukou Type and Hukou Locality

As migrant spouses' education increases from high school to some college or above, the increase in their likelihood of hukou locality intermarriage is similar between Shanghai and Shenzhen. When migrant spouses' education changes from high school to some college or above, their odds of hukou locality intermarriage increase by 159% and 110% in Shanghai and Shenzhen, respectively, and the difference between Shanghai and Shenzhen is not statistically significant (Shanghai: ? = 0.95, exp(?) = 2.59,p < 0.001;> 0.05). In contrast, as migrant spouses' education changes from less than high school to high school, their odds of intermarriage increase significantly in Shenzhen (? = 0.02 + 1.81 = 1.83,p < 0.001)> 0.05), and the difference is highly significant (dif.: ? = 1.81,p < 0.001).

It dating is very strong within the Shenzhen

Total, including supporting proof a good dyadic replace, particularly in Shenzhen, i and get a hold of supportive facts for field change, since migrants will get married a city partner (i.e., to create hukou intermarriage) as his or her training grows. The outcome strongly recommend increased likelihood of hukou area-degree replace to own low-college-knowledgeable migrants into the Shenzhen than in Shanghai, however, an equivalent probability of hukou locality-training exchange on these one or two locations having university-experienced migrants, and therefore helps Theory 3 your all the way down likelihood of hukou locality-knowledge change inside the Shanghai, versus Shenzhen, retains to possess non-college-experienced migrants yet not to own school-educated migrants.